Emerald Yip

Trained in global business and international politics, I have an immense interest in the world beyond Hong Kong, and have constructed my personal insights over the years of travelling to the relatively exotic parts of the world and interacting with the local population. I especially enjoy visiting states recovering from recent wars, including Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Bosnia, to name a few, and studying what could be done to settle the sufferings while preventing the next waves of violence. It will thus be my honour to share my experience with you, broaden your vision of the world, and more importantly to inspire the next generation of global citizens.
Having built a strong interest in aviation since a tender age, I am now a management trainee at Swire Group, seconded to Cathay Pacific. For those of you who are curious about what it is like to work in conglomerates or the transport industry, it will also be my pleasure to offer some insights.
All in all I believe that mentorship is a process of mutual learning, so I am looking forward to embarking on the journey of exploration with you.

-香港學生發展委員會主席 (2015-2017)

Aviation/transport industry、World traveller、 International relations/politics